Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lay your Christmas table with the colours of the wordless book and explain to your guests.
1.  The golden plate and ribbons remind me of heaven where God is and where our loved ones are and where we all want to go one day after our death.  It also reminds me of God's love - John 3:16 and also about the fact that God is holy and without sin - as pure as gold!
2.  The black table mats tell me about the sin of man.  Rom. 3:23  says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  We must confess to God that we are sinners and ask Him to forgive us all our shortcomings.
3.  The red table cloth and red serviettes and candles tell me that Jesus was the only one who could take away my sin.  He died on the cross for all my sin and took God's wrath away.  1 Cor. 15:3-4.  He died and was buried but also conquered death and became alive again after 3 days!
4.  The white table cloth and plates and candles tell me that Jesus blood washed away my sin and make me pure again.  John. 1:12 says that if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and accept Him, we have the right to say that we are His children.
5.  The moment we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour, He gives us the desire to grow spiritually.  2 Pet. 3:18 says we grow in the grace and knowledge or our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  How can this happen?
5.1 By reading our Bibles,
5.2 Pray regularly and spend time with God through Jesus Christ
5.3 Witness to other people about the Lord Jesus Christ and pray for them
5.4 If you disobey the Lord and sin again, ask Him for forgiveness and keep on keeping on
5.5 Remember that it is necessary to worship God with other believers.  Have fellowship in a Christ centered church where you hear sermons from the Bible and where the Word is central!

Kersboodskap met 5 kleure van woordlose boek van Child Evangelism Fellowship: 

 1.  Goue bladsy praat van God en Sy Heiligheid: 

* God is ons Skepper God en het alles gemaak en besit  alles

* Hy is die Koning van die Heelal

* God is Heilig en sonder sonde

* God woon in die Hemel

Jes. 6:3”Heilig, heilig, heilig is die Here die Almagtige! Die hele aarde is vol van sy magtige teenwoordigheid.”

God ons Skepper. Hy is  ‘n God van liefde en ook ‘n Heilige God.  Hy het geen sonde nie en kan geen sonde in die Hemel toelaat nie.

2.  Donker bladsy praat oor sonde en die gevolge daarvan:  

Rom. 3:23 sê dat ons almal gesondig het en ver van God is.  Ons is almal in sonde gebore.  Wat is sonde?  Alles wat ek dink of doen of sê waarmee ek God hartseer maak, is sonde.  God moet sonde straf, soos wat jy gestraf word as jy verkeerd doen.  Sonde skei ons van God en maak ons ongelukkig.

3. Rooi bladsy praat oor Jesus Christus en Sy kruisdood vir ons sonde: Rom. 5:8-9 sê dat Jesus vir ons gesterf het en vir ons vrygespreek van ons sonde.   

* God het sy Seun gestuur om ons Redder te wees

* Hy het aan die kruis gesterf om ons te red van ons sonde

*  Jesus het God se straf vir al die sonde van die wêreld op Hom geneem

4. Skoon bladsy praat van vergifnis – Vergifnis beteken dat al die verkeerde dinge wat jy dink, doen en sê is nie meer ‘n probleem tussen jou en God nie.  God neem die sonde wat jy voor Hom kom bely weg en maak asof dit nooit gebeur het nie.  In die Bybel staan daar “Ek sal hul sonde wegneem en nooit weer daaraan dink nie.  (Jer. 31:34) Het jy al hierdie Koning ontmoet?   Is jy reg as Koning Jesus weer kom om vir jou te  kom haal?  Hoe kan jy reg wees?  

Maak seker jy is sy kind.  Hoe?  Bid tot God en loof Hom omdat Hy goed is.  Bely jou sonde.  Vra dat koning Jesus jou sal vergewe en jou God se kind sal maak.

Aanvaar die belofte in Joh. 1:12:  “Aan almal wat Hom aangeneem het, die wat in Hom glo, het Hy die reg gegee om kinders van God te wees.”

Hou skoon hart op:  Hierdie skoon hart vertel vir ons dat die oomblik wat jy God se kind word, maak Hy jou hart witter as sneeu en woon die Heilige Gees in jou.

5. Groen buiteblad van woordlose boekie praat van geestelike groei: As jy God se kind is, wil Hy hê jy moet geestelik groei. 2 Pet. 3:18. Vra God om jou te help om geestelik te groei met die hulp van die Heilige Gees wat in jou woon.   Jy kan groei deur hierdie 5 dinge te doen:

  1. Lees jou Bybel – God se Woord
  2. Bid tot God jou Koning
  3. Getuig van jou Koning
  4. Bely dadelik sonde wat jy doen
  5. Gaan kerktoe saam met ander gelowiges

The Christmas message with the 5 colours of the Wordless book of Child Evangelism Fellowship:

1.  The golden page speaks about God and His holiness

.God created and owns the world

. He is the King of Kings

. He is pure and holy

. He lives in Heaven

Isaiah 6:3 “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts…”

God wants you to be with Him in Heaven one day

God is our Creator, He is a God of love and He is a holy God.  He has no sin and cannot allow sin in Heaven.

2.  The dark page speaks about sin and its consequences

Rom. 3:23 “For all have sinned…”

What is sin – disobeying God and His commandments

God must punish sin because He is just and fair

Sin separates us from God and makes us sad. 

3.  The red page speaks about Jesus Christ, and His death for sin

Rom. 5:8,9 – “Christ died for us – we are justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him”

 God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be our Saviour

 He died to save us from our sins

.  He took God’s punishment for all the wrong things we have done

4.  The white page speaks about salvation – especially about justification

2 Cor. 5:21 “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us – that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

When we trust Jesus Christ as our Saviour, God forgives all our sins

He sees us as pure and as clean as Jesus Christ

Rom. 10:13 – Do you want to be saved?  Call on the Lord Jesus.  Confess your sins and ask God to help you to live a life according to His will.

Accept the promise in John 1:12 that when you believe, you are a child of God

5.  The green cover speaks about spiritual growth after salvation

1 Pet. 2:2 “As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby”

 Grow by reading Bible

.  Grow by talking to God regularly

.  Grow by telling others about the Lord Jesus

.  Grow by confessing sin to God

 Grow by meeting regularly with other Christians and by attending a good church

In your own strength you cannot live as a child of God, but trust God and accept the promise in Hebrews 13:6 “The lord is my helper….”